“Wildflower” by 5 Seconds of Summer

The titular “wildflower” would actually be the romantic interest of the singer. And most of the lyrics are dedicated to detailing what he admires about her in addition to how she makes him feel. Moreover to some extent, such as during the first verse, the wording comes off as if it may be sensual in nature. And apparently the reason he is referring to her as “wildflower” has something to do with her character. 

Indeed once again going back to the first verse, that appellation can be deciphered as if it is at least partially a description of her sensual drive, shall we say. Moreover we find in the post-chorus that the singer refers to this track as “a fatal love song”, which may be a further allusion to some type of uncontrollable aspect of her personality. But for the most part her character is not what he focuses on. Rather at the center of Calum’s expressions, once again, is his admiration for this lady. Indeed he dubs her his “favorite fantasy”. And we can easily conclude that he is in fact in love with her, as in thoughts of being with her and romancing her constantly being on his mind.

Lyrics of Wildflower

Facts about “Wildflower”

“Wildflower” was written by three members of 5 Seconds of Summer (M. Clifford, C. Hood and A. Irwin) along with Geoff Warburton, Rami and the track’s producer, OzGo.

Under normal circumstances, Hood serves as 5 Seconds of Summer’s bassist.  However, on this particular track he has also taken on the role of lead singer.

Interscope Records released “Wildflower” track on 25 March 2020. It is the fifth single from the band’s fourth-studio album, which is entitled “Calm”.

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