“Wonderful Night” by Fatboy Slim (ft. Lateef the Truthspeaker)

Fatboy Slim’s “Wonderful Night” is a dance song in which seemingly a lot is being said. But it also reads like one of those numbers whereas you’re not really supposed to pay too much attention to what’s being put forth per se, with the groove actually being the most important aspect of it all.  Indeed it is the “vibes”, “energy” or however the vocalist decides to put it which serves as the most-recurrent topic therein. 

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And as dance songs tend to go, he is advising this ideological disposition of forgetting one’s problems and rather giving in to the music. However, he does goes off on a tangent here and there, such noting in the first verse how “in California” they don’t tolerate whack musicians or utilizing a good part of the bridge in the name of admiring a certain lady’s body. 

But overall, this evening is one which is being advertised by the musicians as “a wonderful night”. And accordingly, addressees are being advised to capitalize on it by adopting a full party-like disposition.

Lyrics for "Wonderful Night"

“Wonderful Night” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Fatboy Slim
Featured Artist(s): Lateef the Truthspeaker
Album/EP: “Palookaville” 

Was “Wonderful Night” a single release?

Yes. It was a single released from Fatboy Slim’s commercially successful album titled “Palookaville”. The song itself was released on the 29th of November, 2004.

Who wrote “Wonderful Night”?

It was written by Norman Cook alongside Lateef. Fatboy Slim proceeded to produce the song himself.


“Wonderful Night” fits perfectly into the following genres of music:

  • Alternative hip hop
  • Big beat

Grammy Nomination

“Wonderful Night” was nominated for a major Grammy Award in 2006. It received a nomination in the “Best Dance Recording” section. It however, was unable to win the award. The Chemical Brothers and Q-Tip’s “Galvanize” took home the said award. Other songs that also got nominated in the aforementioned category include the following:

Did “Wonderful Night” chart?

Yes, it did. It’s most impressive performance on the charts was in the United Kingdom. Here it managed to rank within the Top-20 of the official UK Singles chart. Actually it made it all the way to the 12th position on the aforementioned singles chart. Simply put, it was such a huge hit in the United Kingdom.

Wonderful Night

The “Palookaville” Album

Wonderful Night is a hip-hop song recorded by British musician Fatboy Slim and American vocalist Lateef the Truthspeaker. It happens to be one of the most successful songs from Fatboy Slim’s fourth studio album, Palookaville.

In addition to producing “Wonderful Night”, Fatboy Slim produced the entire album by himself.

Furthermore, he also wrote the majority of the songs on it. However, other notable songwriters and musicians, including Steven Miller and Sheldon Silverstein contributed to the lyrics of songs and featured them.

The album was so successful that the average music critic and reviewer gave it very positive scores. For example, both The Guardian and The Irish Times scored it as a 3 out of a 5-star.

In addition English Premier League club Brighton and Hove Albion temporarily named their stadium, Palookaville. This gave the album even more attention and high commercial sales. 

Palookaville ranked third on the UK Albums chart. It was honored with a nomination at the 2006 Grammy awards for the Grammy Award for Best Electronic Album.

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