“Would That I” by Hozier

“Would That I” is highly poetic, as to be expected from Hozier. But what it is meant to boil down to is serving as a fancy expression on the part of the vocalist pointing to the notion that his current romantic relationship is such that it is helping him get over the previous ones.

So basically what we are met with here, symbolically speaking, is a narrator who comes off as if he has suffered his fair share of heartbreaks. That is the conclusion we get based on Hozier’s own explanation of the lyrics. 

But as presented in the first verse, there was one woman in particular who for a time he was thoroughly smitten with. However, his current beau who, once again going back to his own explanation, Hozier has described as a “would-be jealous lover”, is symbolized as a “fire” which has freed his heart from that previous attachment.

Relying on Hozier’s description of “Would That I” is very important. This is relevant because otherwise a listener could get lost under the flora-related motif and overall poeticness of this piece. For instance, even with the singer’s interpretation in tow, it is still challenging to ascertain what exactly the title is supposed to mean in context.  That said, it should be noted that the title is not present in the lyrics.

In Conclusion

Ultimately this is a love song. All things considered, it is a love song one in which the vocalist is fundamentally putting forth that his present-day romance is better than the old or in the very least has lovingly-empowered him to get over his past sweetheart.

Hozier, "Would That I" Lyrics

Release Date of “Would That I”

“Would That I” is one of the tracks Rubyworks Records released on 1 March 2019 as part of Hozier’s sophomore LP, “Wasteland, Baby!”. This was a project which proceeded to top the UK Albums Chart as well as the singer’s native Irish Albums Chart. 

It is on this very album that his hit single “Almost (Sweet Music)” appears.

Who are the writers of this song?

Hozier wrote this particular song all by himself. He is actually considered one of the finest songwriters of his generations.

In addition to writing this highly poetic piece, he also produced it with British musician Markus Dravs.

Would That I

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