“Yellow Bone” by DaniLeigh

The implication on this song is that the “he” DaniLeigh is referring to throughout would be her current boyfriend, DaBaby.  And the thesis sentiment being expressed is that said romantic interest prefers a “yellow bone”, a term which usually means a Black lady with a light-skinned complexion. The further implication is that DaniLeigh herself is said “yellow bone”, thus insinuating that DaBaby’s former girlfriends were perhaps too dark for his liking. Then the vocalist goes on to further big up herself as a “rich b**ch” and a “real b**ch”, as in detailing additional attributes she possesses which makes her appealing to the other subject of the song, which is the dude (i.e. DaBaby).

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Of course certain listeners have had issues with these lyrics. First and foremost is that DaniLeigh has been accused of colorism. Colorism is a phenomenon which has a strong history amongst groups such as African-Americans where people of a lighter complexion are deemed more attractive to those with darker skin. And whereas such mode of thinking was an accepted part of the earlier days of hip-hop, in more recent times dark skin has become more fashionable.

Secondly, this lyrics of this track are perhaps most distasteful in that DaniLeigh isn’t even Black. Rather she is of Dominican descent. And whereas Dominicans do in fact possess a very-strong African ancestry, people in the United States do not consider them to be Black per se. That is to say that yes, they are part and parcel of the overall inner-city Black/Latino community. But technically a Latina would not classify as a “yellow bone”, since by and large people from Latin America are lighter than African-Americans by default. A “yellow bone” rather, as mentioned earlier, would be a light-skinned Black female. But at the end of the day – even though DaniLeigh did not go about expressing her thoughts in the most constructive way – for all we know DaBaby really does prefer women of lighter complexions.

“Yellow Bone” Controversy

“Yellow Bone” was written by DaniLeigh.

There has been a controversy surrounding the song, even before it was officially released. Rather DaniLeigh previewed a snippet of the track via social media on 21 January 2021. And considering the backlash it received immediately thereafter, there is a good possibility that her label, Def Jam Records, will never actually put it out.

At first DaniLeigh defended herself against those who criticized her for publicizing this song. But as time progressed she started to succumb to the backlash and accordingly issued in a public apology. In the midst of doing so the songstress asserted that she is “not a colorist” nor “a racist”. And to prove the point, she highlighted the fact that she “date(s) a whole chocolate man”, i.e. a dark-skinned Black dude, which would be DaBaby. And she further went on to elaborate that she has “beautiful dark-skinned friends”.

What Is the Meaning of Yellow Bone?

A yellow bone is a colloquial term which African-Americans have traditionally ascribed to Black women of lighter, i.e. ‘yellow’, complexions. In days past such women were viewed as being more-attractive than their darker counterparts. And whereas this way of thinking is not as popular as in times past chances are it will, to some extent, always exist. That is because African-Americans were socialized under the American slavery system, which was the ultimate expression of White supremacy in the Western Hemisphere. In other words, they were taught that White skin was preferable to Black skin, and for a good part of America’s history this was systematically true.

Who Is DaniLeigh?

DaniLeigh is a singer and hip-hop artist who, as of the release of this track, is signed under Def Jam Records. During her earlier days in the entertainment she was mentored by the late Prince himself. When she began releasing her own music, being a Def Jam artist she had the privilege of working with some of the biggest artists in the game such as Lil Baby and Chris Brown. She also appeared on the music video to “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion, one of the biggest hits of 2019.  That same year she choreographed DaBaby’s “BOP on Broadway” video. And the following year she began dating DaBaby, with that relationship bolstering her fame even more.

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