“Yes, I Have Ghosts” by David Gilmour

The lyrics of “Yes, I Have Ghosts” read in a manner in which the titular “ghosts” are actually representative of memories or images as opposed to actual spirits. More to the point, the narrator (David Gilmour) is singing about his significant other, i.e. the woman he was once involved with, who is now apparently moving with someone else. However, he is unable to get over her. And what he is basically saying in terms of his present disposition is that picturing the two of them together also represents “ghosts” in his life, as in images which haunt his mind.

“Yes, I have ghosts, not all of them dead”

Facts about “Yes, I Have Ghosts”

This track was originally introduced to the world during June of 2020. It’s outdooring happened via the audiobook version of Polly Samson’s novel “A Theatre for Dreamers”. Polly Samson is actually David Gilmour’s wife.

Additionally Gilmour’s daughter, Romany Gilmour, provides instrumentals and backup vocals to this song. The latter contribution was due to the fact that David was separated from the backup singers he originally intended to use. And this separation was due to the coronavirus lockdowns.

“Yes, I Have Ghosts” was officially released as a standalone single on 3 July 2020. And it marked the first solo track which David Gilmour, who is better known as part of the classic 20th century band Pink Floyd, dropped in five years.

Writing Credits

David Gilmour and his wife (Polly) are the exclusive writers. FYI, this isn’t the first time Polly and David are working together. Polly has over the years co-written many of Gilmour’s materials. She even also wrote the lyrics to many Pink Floyd works too. For example, she co-wrote Pink Floyd’s 1994 hit “High Hopes“.

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