“Yr City’s a Sucker” by LCD Soundsystem

From a lyrical standpoint, “Yr City’s a Sucker” primarily consists of the phrase “your city’s a sucker” being repeated over and over. LCD Soundsystem is a crew from Brooklyn, one of the original cities as far as the development of rap music goes. 

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Rap music is a genre where different localities are traditionally pitted against each other. And we don’t mean in the hardcore beef sense of the word but more like ‘my ‘hood is better than your ‘hood’ in terms of musical talent, if you will. 

So with that in mind, a group of dance-rock musicians proclaiming that “your city’s a sucker”, as in soft, is not something to be taken literally, like in the name of provoking another locality.

But beyond that, other lyrics do appear to actually be celebrating New York City (wherein Brooklyn is located) as being on the A+ list as far as metropolitan areas go. That is to say that few cities are as poppin’ as New York is. Theoretically speaking, this city provides opportunities (such as possibly having “sex with movie stars”) in abundance. And in that regard, yes, the vocalist does seem, later on the song, to be taunting lesser-known urban areas, of which there are many in relation to NYC.

So basically what this all boils down to is LCD Soundsystem biggin’ up New York. But it can also be interpreted, considering how they primarily go about doing so, that they are simultaneously speaking to the efficacy of their own music.

"Yr City's a Sucker" Lyrics

Facts about “Yr City Is a Sucker”

This song made major headlines in early 2022. This was when LCD Soundsystem performed it on Saturday Night Live, one of the most pertinent venues for popular musicians that the United States has to offer. 

That would imply that “Yr City Is a Sucker”, which was released as a promotional single in 2005 is a fan favorite, even though it doesn’t appear to have any chart or certification history to speak of.

This song was featured on LCD’s debut album, a project which itself is entitled “LCD Soundsystem”. In fact being nearly 9 minutes and 30 seconds in length, it is the second longest track on that project. 

LCD Soundsystem

LCD is a musical group whose membership has fluctuated throughout the years, with the entire band going on hiatus during the early 2010s. But its core membership, as in those who have been down from the early goings up until now, is made up of the following:

  • James Murphy
  • Nancy Whang
  • Pat Mahoney
  • Tyler Pope
  • Al Doyle

To note, as of the writing of this post, LCD has not released a studio album since 2017, that being a project entitled “American Dream”, which by the way topped the Billboard 200 (as well as the Canadian Albums Chart).

Yr City's a Sucker

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