Zoe Wees’ “Control” Lyrics Meaning

In her youth Zoe Wees suffered from rolandic epilepsy, a disease which a quick Google search reveals results in, most simply put, seizures. Additionally, this is a malady that tends to strike its victims either at dawn or in the mid night, in a manner of speaking. 

And that would likely be why the vocalist starts off “Control” by noting that ‘early in the morning she still gets a bit nervous’. In other words, even though Zoe has outgrown the aforementioned illness, memory or habit or rote or however you want to call it makes her still feel like it would come back at the times it used to rear its ugly head in the past. 

And it seems the ultimate point she’s trying to get to in the verse is that the whole experience was so traumatic that it is something she will never forget.

But at the end of the day Wees has overcome and is accordingly “thankful” to a particular individual, as revealed in the pre-chorus, who supported her along the way. And to note, Zoe has let it be known that said individual was actually a teacher who apparently held Wees down during her most serious seizures.

Scared of a Relapse?

The chorus then goes in to indicate that, by the looks of things the songstress is worried about having a relapse. That is seemingly what Zoe means by she “don’t want to lose control”, i.e. having her body taken over not by her own will but rather an epideictic seizure. 

Or, since it’s not likely that such will actually occur, it can also be put forth that she is concerned about fear itself besting her being, so to speak.

Zoe Wees, "Control" Lyrics

And so it is with the second half of this song. In the subsequent verse, Zoe sings that sometimes she is convinced an epileptic episode is coming on, even though it’s not. And it’s not like she’s crying about it or anything but rather has come to the realization that she must dedicate conscientious effort towards ‘shaking off the past’. 

That is to say that currently, as already stated, it is memories as opposed to an actual sickness that is worrying her. And the seriousness of this whole situation, even now in the present, once again makes Wees remember that special someone who held her down when the situation was truly at its worst.

Thesis Sentiment of “Control”

So as far as a thesis sentiment goes, said emotion would in fact revolve around Zoe’s earnest desire to retain control. And what she means by that is to not suffer from a sickness like rolandic childhood epilepsy ever again, in addition to overcoming the fear of that prospect. 

But with that being clearly noted, this track is also meant to serve as a shoutout to the aforementioned teacher who made sure Wees was even able to survive that illness in the first place.

In Conclusion

Given the vagueness of the lyrics of “Control”, yes, it can be said they have a general applicability. Or put differently, it isn’t likely that the multitude of people who have enjoyed this piece actually knew beforehand that it speaks to a diagnosed disease that plagued Zoe.

They probably presumed, since epilepsy is never mentioned or even referred to, that she was singing about a more general condition like anxiety, which is in fact correct, though more in a secondary sense. 

But it’s all good nonetheless since, from Zoe’s perspective, the main satisfaction from the success of “Control” is knowing that it has helped many listeners in their respective, shall we say nerve-wrecking issues they may have or still be going through.

Zoe Wees explains the meaning of "Control"

Facts about “Control”

Valeria Music released “Control” on 13 March 2020. Upon its release, it served as the first single that Zoe Wees, a singer from Germany, has ever put out. 

Wees, who has prior experience in the reality-singing competition circuit, was only 18 years old when this track was made public. In fact it was the first she ever put together in a professional capacity. 

The tune is part of the playlist of her debut EP, Golden Wings, which was also supported by Capitol Records.

Between then and now, Zoe has come out with three subsequent singles. Her second joint, “Girls Like Us” (2021) made a considerable bit of noise. However, “Control” remains the singer’s most-successful outing to date. 

This track charted in about a dozen countries, including appearing on three Billboard charts stateside. 

Furthermore, it has been certified triple-platinum in Switzerland and gold in a handful of other nations, including the United States. Moreover, Control did exceptionally well on streaming charts.

“Control” was a top-40 hit in a number of European countries, including the following:

  • Switzerland (#11)
  • Netherlands (#25)
  • Germany (#31)
  • Belgium (#3)
  • Austria (#28)

The director of this track’s music video is Dennis Dirksen.



Iconic English band Joy Division also have a song that deals with the topic of epilepsy. Their lead singer Ian Curtis battled all his life with epilepsy. He even ended up taking his own life partly because of his struggles with epilepsy. The song in question is entitled “She’s Lost Control“.

It is not clear if Zoe was inspired by that song during the creation and titling of “Control”. “She’s Lost Control” was released in the late 1970s.

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