“Zove Vienna” by Jala Brat (ft. Buba Corelli & RAF Camora)

Jala Brat’s “Zove Vienna” is intended to be a shoutout to Vienna, the capital of Austria. RAF Camora is actually from Austria, whereas Jala Brat and Buba Corelli are from nearby Bosnia. Thus this track is multilingual, being recited in the German, Croatian and primarily Bosnian languages.

And whereas the track is seemingly premised on the artists’ mutual affection for Vienna, they spend more time bigging up themselves than the city itself.  That is to say that this song reads a lot like your average rap tune. As such, the artists spend a considerable amount of time referencing their fast lifestyles. And these fast lifestyles they mention include partying, nice cars, and perhaps most importantly to this track women.

In fact it would appear that the reason they’re really shouting out Vienna is not only due to its nightlife but also the memorable ladies whom they have met there.


All in all “Zove Vienna” honors the city of Vienna and the experiences which the narrators enjoyed in the heart of the city.

But what is the meaning of “Zove Vienna”?

This phrase (the song’s title) which roughly translates to “It’s Called Vienna” in English. And the language is Croatian. It seems that Jala and Buba switch back and forth between Croatian and Bosnian, which are both native to their country.

Writing Credits for “Zove Vienna”

The three vocalists who appear on this track are also its writers. The track was however, produced by Bosnia musician RimDa.

Artists have collaborated before

Jala and Corelli are long-time collaborators. And the two teamed up with RAF Camora in the past on the 2017 song “Nema Bolje”.

When was “Zove Vienna” released?

“Zove Vienna” was released by a record label named Imperia on 9 September 2019. The track is part of Jala Brat’s album “#99”.

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