“2 Become 1” by Spice Girls

2 Become 1”, as the title suggests, is a song about intimacy in a relationship. The narrator purposely seeks to reconcile with her lover and have a moment of intimacy with him.

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The title is similar to that of the biblical marriage command which states that the two; man and woman shall become one flesh. Here, the singer uses the term to describe how intimate she wants to get with her partner. Her lover seems not to be as keen as her. This is probably why she keeps telling him to free himself of all doubts and believe in their love.

The narrator doesn’t seem to be contented with the love she currently gets from her lover. She tells him she wants some more love, specifically to be able to make love to him. She also wants them to work out the relationship for the better so they can achieve their dreams together.

Lyrics of "2 Become 1"

Facts about “2 Become 1”

  • The songwriting process for “2 Become 1” involved each member of the Spice Girls group together with seasoned co-writers, Matt Rowe and Richard “Biff” Stannard.
  • The production of this track was handled by Rowe in partnership with Andy Bradfield and Stannard.
  • “2 Become 1” was made available to the public on 16th December 1996. It appears in the group’s debut album (Spice) as that album’s 3rd single.
  • This song comes in two versions, with each version having slightly altered lyrics. The vocals from Victoria Beckham featured on the single version whereas those for the album’s version were provided by Geri Halliwell.
  • Well known film directing duo, Monty Whitebloom and Andy Delaney (aka Big TV!) are credited for directing the music clip for this single.
  • In 1997, the single was used in the British musical movie, Spice World, which featured the members of the Spice Girls group.

Chart Performance and Certification

The song topped the singles charts in multiple nations across Europe. It was No.1 in Spain, the UK, and Ireland. It was also a top 5 fixture in several territories in Europe and afar – such as Australia, Norway, and the United States. In the latter country it reached No.4.

“2 Become 1” earned Platinum and Double Platinum status in Australia and in the UK respectively. It received a Gold certification in several other European countries and in the U.S. as well.

Cover Versions/Remixes/Interpolations of “2 Become 1”

Several cover versions of this pop single have been recorded and released by multiple performers. Some of the versions include the one released by the U.S. band, Wildside in 1997.

American guitarist, Paul Gilbert dropped his version of the song in 2000. Filipino singer, Johnoy Danao released a cover of this tune in 2011.

American record engineer, Dave Way released a remix version of “2 Become 1” in 1996. This was followed by house music producer, Georgie Porgie, who released his version in 2007.

“2 Become 1” was interpolated by the Australian Comedy musical trio, The Axis of Awesome in their song titled, “4 Chords” released in 2011.

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