“333” by Tinashe (ft. ABSOLUTELY)

Tinashe’s “333” was inspired by a belief system associated with numerology known as angel numbers. That would explain its title, which by the way is never mentioned in the lyrics but according to said belief system is an encouragement, as explained on one such site, to “dig deep to discover your life’s higher purpose”. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Tinashe's 333 at Lyrics.org.

But that noted, in the chorus Tinashe is apparently speaking to the concept, presumably relatedly, of spiritual edification as initiated, perhaps symbolically, by the onset of the morning.

However, the narrative takes on a different tone at the beginning of the first verse. Or perhaps it can be said that the “you” she refers to for a couple of lines there in the chorus isn’t the “sun” – which appears to be the main addressee – but rather her lover. And putting all of this together, it is arguable that the reason she finds mornings so enjoyable is because she is waking up beside her sweetheart. Or something like that. 

Beyond Romance

This is one of those songs where there appears a lot more is going on than can be really encapsulated in this post.

Or what we’re trying to get at is that even though there is a romantic undertone, by the time all is said and done that doesn’t really seem to have any bearing on the story at large. In fact contrary to what has been put forth earlier, in the first verse Tinashe actually implies that her lover is getting in the way of her spiritualism, you know, by generating too much noise for her to meditate or whatever it is she has to do.

And what said activity entails, as presented in the second verse, is something like a prayer, though not quite. Or rather if anything, Tinashe isn’t giving thanks to a spiritual being but rather the “sun” itself. So once again going back to the belief system she subscribes to, it is obviously one associated with astrology also.

“333” moves towards a different Direction

Then, the song once again seems to go in a completely different direction, in this case the songstress detailing her social life. And as it stands now she is “sad and lonely”, being devoid of any true friendship. 

However, she has found some “heaven-sent” relief via her association with an unspecified addressee. And all lyrics considered, we’re compelled to believe in this case that said addressee is in fact the sun, not her lover. 

In fact it is also possible that whom it is she addresses in the chorus, i.e. the one that ‘gives her the love she ain’t never had before’, may be a reference to the sun also.

And if all of this sounds a bit confusing to you, then you’re not the only one. Perhaps for the sake of understanding, Tinashe should have left the romantic aspect out of this narrative altogether.

But that noted, the main point of the song still comes across effectively enough. And most simply put, such would be that she adheres to an astrology-type of belief system which she does find to be personally edifying.

Lyrics to "333"

Facts about “333”

This is the tile track from Tinashe’s fifth studio album, a project that was released on 6 August 2021 via her own label, Tinashe Music Inc. 

And concerning the title of the song/project, it was actually inspired by a belief system known as angel numbers which would also explain, in a roundabout way, the striking cover art. And amongst the collaborators featured on the album, perhaps the most notable name would be Jeremih.

Up until the release date of the album, two singles have been issued from it. And they are, successively, Pasadena (featuring Buddy) and Bouncin

And to note, the first teasing of the album took place in late May, 2021.

“333” is a song that Tinashe wrote herself. And its producers are Blanda, John Hill and a songstress from London known as Absolutely. 

Meanwhile Tinashe herself grew up primarily in Los Angeles and is of African and European parentage.

Tinashe talks about "333"

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