“Fair” by Normani

Normani’s “Fair” is a type of piece that we have already come across numerous times prior in sentiment – one where the vocalist is stuck in her feelings while her ex has happily moved on with his life. Or as phrased on this particular occasion, Normani, despite being mature enough to understand that heartbreak does occur, feels that it isn’t fair that the addressee now has a new girlfriend, while she’s still reeling from their breakup. 

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So being heartbroken in and of itself is not the main problem at hand, in a manner of speaking. Instead what has the vocalist confused is that she has proven to be exponentially more emotionally devastated from the dissolution of the romance than the other party involved.

Lyrics to Normani's "Fair"

Normani talks about “Fair”

According to Normani, this song is one that presents her in a very “vulnerable moment”. While addressing the lyrics of this song, she referred to love as being a very “scary” thing.

What Normani said of "Fair"

Facts about “Fair”

Normani co-wrote “Fair”. She has categorically stated on multiple occasions that the lyrics are based on a real-life heartbreak that she went through. Furthermore, she has revealed that recording this song had a therapeutic effect on her. 

The song’s other co-writers are Absolutely and Felisha King as well as the track’s producer, Harv.

This track came out on 18 March 2022. It is actually the singer’s first non-collaborative single that she has dropped since 2019’s “Motivation“.

Normani debuted this song on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the day prior to its official release.


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  1. Ella says:

    Very interesting, it’s a nice song hurting at the same time so immotional.

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