“90’s Love” by NCT U

Although “romance” is referred to at least once in the lyrics, “90’s Love” is not a love song as its name would suggest. Rather what NCT U is doing is showing love for the 90’s, i.e. the last decade of the 20th century. And they did so by dropping what has been described as an “old-school hip-hop” song. Moreover they complement the motif by making quite a few references to 1990s American pop culture. And overall this track could be argued as an exercise in nostalgia, if not for the simple fact that the oldest featured member of NCT U was just born in 1996. So it’s more like, once again, the rappers are just giving a shoutout to a period of time they have been musically inspired by.

NCT U is a South Korean boy band which, as of late 2020, consists of 23 members in total.  And on this particular song seven of them – Haechan, Jeno, Mark, Sungchan, Ten, Winwin and Yangyang – have participated.

The producer of “90’s Love” is Jia Lih. And it was written by an artist named Kenzie.

This is the lead single from NCT’s album entitled Resonance Pt. 2. And the labels that put out this project are Dreamus Company, SM Entertainment and Caroline Distribution.

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