“Child” by MARK

Mark Lee is 22 years old as of the dropping of this track – not necessarily within the age of what most people would consider to be a “child”. But he seems to be describing himself as so in this song initially in the relation to the recognition that he hasn’t fully found himself yet. 

And the reason he is making this assertion has something to do with how others, especially a particularly-close addressee based on the first verse, perceive him. And in that regard it appears the vocalist may be saying something like don’t judge him too harshly, as he still has some things he’s hashing out in life.

Later on in the song, Mark takes the concept of being a “child” in a slightly different direction. Here he seems to be saying that he has conscientiously adopted a childlike spirit, as in remaining an optimistic dreamer and not letting the cares of the world overcome his mood.

But that said, this is a pretty complex piece as far as K-pop we have thus far come across, on top of the fact that we’re relying on a translation for this analysis. So it is possible that Mark is putting forth an idea that speaks more to the part of the world this song was intended for. 

But overall, “Child” reads like a response to the vocalist’s haters and critics. And what the singer is saying in response looks to be akin to don’t try to sit on his happiness. Basically his goal is to enjoy life at a childlike pace, as in not trying to grow up too fast.

Lyrics to MARK's "Child"

MARK and “Child”

Mark is a vocalist, actually possessing Canadian citizenship, who made a name for himself as a member of the very popular K-pop band NCT.  With a music career dating back to 2016, he’s also dropped a few solo tracks along the way. 

“Child” was released on 4 February 2022. It is part of a project entitled SM Station: NCT Lab. Accordingly the label behind this track would be Seoul-based SM Entertainment.

The aforenoted NCT Lab is an archival project, and relatedly Mark has noted that Child is a song and he and his crew “were holding… in our archives”. 

The singer wrote this piece alongside another musician known simply as Dress, who also acted as its producer.


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  1. NCTZENNIEEE says:

    I Love Marks Song Child It’s The Best Solo Song From Any Nct Solo Song In My Opinion.

  2. roxanne says:

    i really like that song, lol

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