“A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel 

Relatively speaking, “A Matter of Trust” is very metaphorical in its approach. But what Billy seems to be getting at premise-wise is that it’s more or less inevitable that after the initial state of passion, romantic relationships tend to suck. So to keep them perpetuating beyond that point, trust is absolutely necessary. 

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Or viewed from a different angle, falling in love is not for the faint at the heart. And that’s because when hardship inevitably develops therein – when the veil is lifted so to speak – then those of a weaker disposition would be more compelled to quit than to endure.

Therefore, as illustrated in the third verse, the vocalist is of an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to romance, leaving it all on the floor despite the inherent risks involved. But that said, as revealed in the chorus he is also confident that enough trust exists between him and his current sweetheart that he does not have to worry about their relationship dissolving, even as certain feelings begin to fade.

All in all, Billy believes trust is the most important element of a romantic union.

Billy Joel, "A Matter of Trust" Lyrics

Facts about “A Matter of Trust”

The music video to this track, as put together by director Russell Mulcahy, was filmed in New York City. It features celebrity cameos in Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Christie Brinkley. The the latter and Billy Joel were married to each other at the time. Additionally their daughter Alexa, who went on to become a professional musician in her own right, is featured in baby form.

This track came out as part of Billy’s album “The Bridge” on 9 July 1986. The whole project was supported by Columbia Records and another label called Family Productions.

In recording “A Matter of Trust”, Billy Joel reportedly set out to emulate the vocal style of iconic singer, Robert Palmer.

The Piano Man wrote this song himself, with its producer being one of his regular collaborators (up until that point), Phil Ramone.

Billy was amongst the first American musicians to be granted an opportunity to stage an actual concert(s) in the USSR. Doing so in 1987, “A Matter of Trust” was amongst his Russian setlist. And as such, a live rendition of the song is also featured on Joel’s album “Kontsert” (1987), which was recorded during that endeavor.

A Matter of Trust

Billy Joel’s “The Bridge” Album

“The Bridge” was released on the 28th of July, 1986. The album happens to be Billy’s 10th studio album.

South African born American record producer Phil Ramone was responsible for the album’s production. It became the final album from Joel to be produced by Phil.

“The Bridge” became Joel’s final album to be attached with the logo of “Family Productions”, an American record label owned by Artie Ripp.

The album rose to No. 7 on America’s Billboard 200. It was No. 38 in the UK and No. 8 in Australia.

“The Bridge” has been certified 2x Platinum in the United States as well as Canada. It has received a silver certification in the UK and Gold in New Zealand.

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