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“1984” by Slaughter to Prevail

Slaughter to Prevail’s “1984” is named after the classic mid-20th century novel of the same name. The book in question is one of the most heavily-referenced works in contemporary pop entertainment due to its accurately-prophetic...

"Make Up" by Lavrinson

“Make Up” by Lavrinson

First off, let it be known that we are analyzing “Make Up” based on a Google translation from its original Russian. Owing to this, undoubtedly certain intricacies got lost along the way. Also, since the...

A Matter of Trust

“A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel 

Relatively speaking, “A Matter of Trust” is very metaphorical in its approach. But what Billy seems to be getting at premise-wise is that it’s more or less inevitable that after the initial state of...