Aerosmith is one of those bands whose very name is synonymous with hard rock music.  They’ve been in the game for over half a century, having originated in Boston back in 1970. Even more amazingly is that as of the year 2020, the band’s lineup still consists of four of its original members. And they are as follows:

  • Steven Tyler (frontman)
  • Tom Hamilton (Bass)
  • Joe Perry (guitar)
  • Joey Kramer (drums)

And the fifth, Brad Whitford (guitar), has for the most part been down since 1971.

For a moment, particularly during the early 1980s, it seemed as if Aerosmith would fall off. The group was having retention as well as drug-abuse issues. But in 1986 they participated in the Run DMC cover of a classic the rockers originally dropped in 1975 entitled “Walk This Way“. Some readers may recognize this track as not only a major crossover hit but also the song which initiated rap music’s process of becoming a mainstream genre. But more importantly for Aerosmith, it significantly revitalized their career.

And subsequently the band has collected quite a few American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV VMAs, Grammys Awards, etc., most of which were won during the 1990s.

Top Aerosmith Songs

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