“After Like” by IVE

What the title of this song (“After Like”) references is the point in a romantic relationship beyond the initial “like” stage, whereas the union gets more serious. And such is the way that the vocalist feels about the addressee. The two of them have a thing going on which, as inferred, is more or less platonic. But to reiterate, she is able to see that there is a genuine spark there. Moreover, as put forth, the singer is thoroughly convinced that she is in fact smitten.

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So her asking the addressee “what’s after like” is basically, as it would seem, an invitation for him to make a power-move in terms of taking their budding romance to the next level. And all lyrics considered, this is obviously someone whom the singer knows well enough to confidently believe that he won’t break her heart.

Lyrics for IVE's "After Like"

According to Rei, the lyrics of “After Like” are about the process of expressing your feelings for someone with both your heart and actions.

After Like


Ive is a South Korean girl group that has only been around since 2021 and are the product of a label known as Starship Entertainment. But they burst onto the scene hard, i.e. the girl’s first two (single) albums, 2021’s “Eleven” and 2022’s “Love Dive”, both topping what is known as the Circle Album Chart (aka Gaon Album Chart) in South Korea. Meanwhile “After Like” is the title track of their third EP, which came out on 22 August 2022.

Ive is six ladies’ deep, with the oldest being Gaeul at 19 years old (as of this writing) and the youngest Leeseo, who is 15. In between we have, in order of age, Yujin (18), Rei (18), Wonyoung (17) and Liz (17).

“After Like”

As of late popular K-pop artists have not only been collaborating more with Western musicians but also sampling the works of American singers. And in the case of “After Like”, IVE incorporated the disco classic “I Will Survive” (1978) by Gloria Gaynor.

The credited writers of this song are Rei from IVE alongside Seo ji Eum, Ryan S. Jhun, Iselin, André Jensen, and Anders Nilsen.

This song/EP did experience immediate success on a South Korean listing known as the Hanteo Chart, and in that regard IVE even broke a record set by Blackpink. Having sold almost a million copies of “After Like”, they became the second female artist/group in South Korea to achieve the enviable accolade of being among the highest first week sales. IVE replaced Blackpink at number 2 on this list.

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