“After the Thrill Is Gone” by Eagles

The “thrill” which the singer is speaking of most specifically is the excitement that comes along with being the type of stars the Eagles actually were. But on a macrocosmic level, he is referring to any type of experience which once made an individual happy.  Yet as stated in the title, said happiness derived from this event has now worn of.

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Or once again going back to the specifics of the lyrics, the life of a superstar musician is losing its appeal with the singer. So he is more or less lamenting the fact that he is still compelled to perform and write songs even though his heart is no longer fully into these activities, which are ingrained aspect of the profession. Or another way of putting this is that he wants to keep going and quit at the same time.

Narrator talks about Romance too

At certain points he also seems to be singing about a romantic relationship.  In fact the romance storyline and the one centered on professional musicianship are (at least earlier in the song) intertwined in such a way that he is dealing with both concurrently. That is the basic sentiment is still the same, that said relationship has already peaked and now is on a downward slide in terms of its “thrill” factor. Or as the narrator himself puts it the “love” is still there, but the “passion” is lost.


So perhaps the best way to describe “After the Thrill is Gone” is as it being based on the aftereffects, from an emotional perspective, of once being caught up in the certain lifestyle so to speak. But as time progresses, the pleasure derived from such engagement has worn off.  Yet the person involved has committed himself to it to the point where even though such is the case, he must still indifferently carry on with it.

Lyrics of "After the Thrill Is Gone"

Who wrote “After the Thrill Is Gone”?

“After the Thrill Is Gone” is yet another song penned by the potent songwriting duo of the Eagles’ Don Henley and Glenn Frey. They were inspired to write it by a track B. B. King dropped in 1969 entitled “The Thrill Is Gone”. And it had one of their regular collaborators, Bill Szymcyzk, as its producer.

Release Date of “After the Thrill Is Gone”

“After the Thrill Is Gone” was released by Asylum Records on 10 June 1975 as part of “One of These Nights”, the Eagles’ fourth album.

Eagles didn’t release this track as a single from the album mentioned above. The official singles that “One of These Nights” produced are as follows:

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  1. Lynn says:

    This is a beautiful song that reminds me of a long marriage that has perhaps grown stale & to the point of no return. I love these lyrics though. I cried and replayed the whole song at least 4-5 times. It’s just beautiful.

    • Anonymous says:

      It reminds me of a failed marriage and divorce because he was a selfish jacka-s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lynn this song makes my heart ache with such beautiful lyrics and melody. No one but The Eagles could have done it so beautifully

  2. Powers, N. says:

    Beautifully written and even more beautifully sung…

  3. Bryan D says:

    I absolutely love this song. Henley/Frey are awesome!!!

  4. Brian Adams says:

    It’s about life, love, and growing old and going through the motions…only to see it slip away with time…yet another classic written song, brilliantly composed by Frey and Henley.

  5. David Harvey says:

    This song has a nice contrast between country and rock, thanks to Bernie Leadon playing pedal steel guitar and Don Felder playing a regular 6-string electric guitar, including a well-performed solo.

  6. Jimmy sharkey says:

    Class songwriters and band so many
    Great songs written by the band

  7. MARK. L. says:

    The words , music and arrangement are exceptionally well done. After all, our entire lives are merely on brief dance in time.

  8. SE says:

    Exactly my life at the moment

  9. KEN K says:


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