“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

If you ever get into a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift, chances are at some point in time said romance is going to be immortalized in song. Moreover, Swift’s dating history features some fellow celebrities such as herself. So when she drops a hit track that may also be about one of her famous exes, then the formula exists for said song to be dubbed one of Tay Tay’s classics. And such is the case with “All Too Well”.

This is an exceptional piece of storytelling which one has to presume is largely based on real-life occurrences. Indeed the reason some critics consider it to be Taylor Swift’s best work is largely due to the way its wording weaves a tale with realistic detailing. In other words, yes, there is a general idea being conveyed. It can be said that the thesis of this track is that the singer has been heartbroken by her ex. And the reason she is still greatly affected by such is because she remembers certain experiences and feelings they shared “all too well”. But the proof is in the pudding, as it can be easily ascertained based on the descriptiveness of the lyrics that she was indeed familiar with the addressee.

Addressee is Jake Gyllenhaal?

And as far as the addressee goes the general consensus, even though no names are dropped, is that Taylor is singing of her romance with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal.  They were together for about a year during the early 2010s. And as the story goes Swift was more or less unceremoniously dumped by Gyllenhaal, as he had difficulties dealing with the media attention their relationship attracted. Indeed considering statements Taylor made in the aftermath (she wrote this song during the same year they broke up, 2011), you could tell that she was really vested in their association when such transpired.

Facts about “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift herself co-wrote as well as co-produced this song. The other writer is Liz Rose, and “All Too Well” was co-produced by Nathan Chapman.

Whereas Swift worked meticulously and emotionally on the lyrics to this song, the original idea came about somewhat extemporaneously. And at one point while working on the song, Tay Tay had filled out the lyrics so much that “All Too Well” proved to be “15 minutes long”. Indeed even after editing, at 5 minutes and 29 seconds’ length, it is still the longest track on “Red”. “Red” is the album it is featured on.

And ultimately her hard work paid off. For on top of Taylor being impressed with the lyrics herself, “All Too Well” is considered by many to be her signature song in terms of quality. For instance, it managed to appear on Canada and America’s Hot 100 charts. And this is despite that fact that it was not a single-release. And she even performed it at the 2014 Grammys, despite once again it never being a single. Indeed Swift herself has expressed amazement concerning how familiar her fans are with this track.

“All Too Well” came out as part of Swift’s “Red” project in October 2012. And it was published by Big Machine Records.

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