Alt-J’s “Fitzpleasure” Lyrics Meaning

Alt-J’s “Flitzpleasure” is based on a chapter from a book entitled “Last Exit to Brooklyn” (1964).  The particular scene which is highlighted centers on a working girl named Tralala, whose name constitutes this song’s chorus, being raped. Part of this crime against her seemingly involves a broomstick being inserted into her holy part. Alt-J directly references this with a line in the chorus which reads “in your snatch fits pleasure, a broom-shaped pleasure”.  Thus the title of this song, “Fitzpleasure”, is actually a combination of the words “fits” and “pleasure”.

So as you’ve probably already deduced, the singer is more or less portraying the role of one of the assaulters himself. That is he seems to be deriving excitement from what’s happening to this lady. Or if nothing else he is not protesting against it at all.

But not all of the lyrics are directly related to “Last Exit to Brooklyn”. For instance, “the Mandela Boys” are actually a British street gang Alt-J feared when they were younger. But it seems as if the singer is depicting them as being the ravagers, rather setting the song in South England as opposed to Brooklyn.

So succinctly put, the origin of this song dates back to Alt-J’s frontman, Joe Newman, being so impressed by an assault scene he read in a famous book that he felt compelled to write a song about said scene. And he throws in a couple of real-life references for good measure.

Facts about “Fitzpleasure”

Infectious Records released this track on 18 May 2012. It was the sixth single from Alt-J’s debut album, which is entitled “An Awesome Wave”.

The surrealist music video to this song was directed by Emile Sornin.

“Fitzpleasure” charted in Australia as well as on three US Billboard charts.

The members of Alt-J (Joe Newman, Thom Sonny Green, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Gwilyn Sainsbury) wrote this song. And the track was produced by Charlie Andrew.

Miley Cyrus used this track, an action Alt-J highly approved of, during her Bangerz Tour in 2014.

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