Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is a rock band hailing from Quebec, Canada. They are sort of a family act as two of their members, Win Butler (frontman) and Régine Chassagne (backup vocalist), are actually married. Moreover another bandmate, William Butler (synthesizers) is Win Butler’s junior brother. And as of 2020 the rest of the band, who have been around since 2003/2004, consists of the following:

  • Richard Reed Parry (guitar)
  • Tim Kingsbury (bass)
  • Jeremy Gara (drums)

Arcade Fire traces its origins back to the year 2000 and were founded by Josh Deu and Win Butler, with Deu leaving in 2003. Unfortunately he just missed out on the group blowing up as they dropped their platinum-selling, critically-album debut album, “Funeral”, the following year. And things have only gotten better for them since.  For instance their third album, The Suburbs, took home Album of the Year honors at the 2011 Grammy Awards. And throughout the years, looking at their accolade history, it’s easy to see that they have established themselves as one of the premiere bands in the world. In fact their 2017 album, “Everything Now” (their fifth studio project) topped the UK Albums Chart, Billboard 200 as well as, of course, the Canadian Albums Chart.

Notable Arcade Fire Songs

  • “Put Your Money On Me”
  • Crown of Love
  • “Antichrist Television Blues”
  • “Here Comes the Night Time”
  • “Rebellion (Lies)”
  • “Neighborhood # 3 (Power Out)”
  • “Supersymmetry”

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