“Crown of Love” by Arcade Fire

There are conflicting theories concerning the intricacies of Arcade Fire’s “Crown of Love”. But what is definitively agreed on is that the singer is going through an emotional stage in his life, one in which he is coming to the realization that he is the victim of unrequited love. The woman he loves has decided to move on without him. And even though the fact of the matter is gradually revealed throughout the progression of the song, by the conclusion he is still obviously unprepared to accept this reality. Or perhaps the best way of describing the situation is that he still has strong feelings for this lady, despite her “straight” up telling him that she doesn’t feel the same anymore. 

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So a good way of explaining this song is as it chronicling the singer’s feelings after he has been freshly dumped. His affections for this lady are still very much intact – and indeed even “growing” – despite knowing that, at least from her perspective, their romance has ended. And in that regard, the most-feasible explanation of the title, in relation to how it is used in the chorus, is as it being symbolic of the addressee’s feelings towards the singer, which as the lyrics suggest has “fallen from (her)”.

Lyrics of "Crown of Love"

“Crown of Love” Release Date

“Crown of Love” is the sixth song on the playlist of Arcade Fire’s critically-acclaimed debut album “Funeral”. It was released by Merge Records on 14 September 2004.

Writing Credits

The entire band wrote and produced this song. The writing and production credits are therefore as follows:

  • W. Butler
  • W. Butler
  • R. Parry
  • T. Kingsbury
  • R. Chassagne

Did Arcade Fire release “Crown of Love” as a single?

No. Their maiden album “Funeral” produced 5 official singles. None of them was “Crown of Love”.

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