“Atomic” by Blondie

Although this song was one of Blondie’s greatest hits, the listener shouldn’t be looking for too much meaning in it. Indeed the lyrics are terse enough as they are. And it has also been noted that the term “atomic”, as used throughout, doesn’t have any meaning per se.  Rather it is more of an exclamation if you will, an expression of excitement. But one way in which the lyrics can logically be interpreted is that the singer is addressing a romantic interest. And she is looking forward to them having an “atomic”, i.e. “magnificent”, evening together.

“Atomic” Facts

“Atomic” was written by Blondie’s own Debbie Harry alongside another of the band’s principal songwriter, Jimmy Destri.

Blondie released “Atomic” from their 1979 album named “Eat to the Beat”. It was the third single they released in support of the album.

On March 1st, 1980, this Blondie classic shot to number 1 in Britain. It should be mentioned that in topping the UK Singles chart, “Atomic” removed Kenny Rogers’ hit single “Coward of the County” from that spot. It went on to occupy this topmost spot for a total of two weeks before being dethroned by Fern Kinney’s “Together We Are Beautiful“.

Outside of the United Kingdom, “Atomic” also enjoyed top 10 standings in many territories Europe, including Austria and France.

It also did pretty well in America. For instance, it was a top 40 hit on the Hot 100.

FYI: In the year 1980 alone, Blondie scored three number-1 singles in the UK alone. “Call Me” and “The Tide is High” were the other two UK number-1 hits the band enjoyed in 1980.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Eat to the Beat”.
    It’s a song about sex of the oral variant, a man giving that variant of sexual activity to a woman.

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