“Call Me” by Blondie

“Call Me” is based on the singer’s sensual and material relationship with the addressee. Yes, it can be said that Blondie is taking on the role of a working girl. And the title is fundamentally indicative of her being on 24-hour call to fulfill her clients’ needs. But interesting to note is that “Call Me” was actually written for a film, “American Gigolo” (1980), which centers on a male prostitute. But either way, even though the lyrics aren’t overly-explicit, the female singer is letting the addressee know that she is in fact available for intimate rendezvous. And in the process, even though it can be deemed as a subtheme, the listener can also detect that money is an important part of their relationship.

“Call Me” Facts

Blondie’s own Debbie Harry composed this alongside legendary Italian songwriter Giorgio Moroder. Moroder also took care of Call Me‘s production duties.

You can find this Blondie classic on their fifth studio album which goes by the title “Autoamerican”. Both were released in 1980.

“Call Me” was one of the most significant hits of the 1980s. Not only was it a chart-topper in America but also in Canada and UK. In the United States, it held the top spot on the Hot 100 for a total of six weeks in a row. In doing so, it became Blondie’s most successful single in the United States.

Furthermore, it was a top 5 hit, in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden

FYI: In 1980 alone, three Blondie songs (including “Call Me”) reached number 1 in Britain. The other two are:

“Call Me” dethroned The Spinner’s “Working My Way Back To You” to top the UK charts. Having enjoyed that spot for a week, it was subsequently dethroned by Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Geno“.

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