Audioslave was a short-lived band that featured the lead singer of Soundgarden (Chris Cornell) alongside the following members of Rage Against the Machine:

  • Tim Commerford
  • Tom Morello
  • Brad Wilk

During their six years together, Audioslave released three albums. Their last two, “Out of Exile” (2005) and “Revelations” (2006) were especially successful chart-wise. For instance, “Out of Exile” topped a bunch of music charts including the Billboard 200, and “Revelations” performed comparably.

However, it has been noted that “Revelations” did not sell as well as the band’s first two albums. Yet and still Audioslave seemed to be on top of the world – literally. For even Google had recognized the fictional Audioslave Nation as an island country on Google Earth.

Yet there was some internal beef within the group. Rumors had been swirling that they would breakup, which the members denied. However, by April 2007 the cat was out of the bag. And Chris Cornell released a statement citing “irresolvable personal conflicts as well as musical differences” as the reasons he was “permanently” leaving Audioslave.

However they did reunite for a single (anti-Trump) show in January of 2017. And a few months afterwards, Cornell went on to take his own life.

Notable Audioslave Hits

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