“Beer With My Friends” by Kenny Chesney & Old Dominion

Apparently, Kenny Chesney was inspired to drop this particular song (“Beer With My Friends”) with Old Dominion after recently touring with the band and striking up something like a friendship with its members, specifically vocalist Matt Ramsey and guitarist Brad Tursi. 

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So putting all of that together, the implication in dropping this particular cover would be that the lot of them got boozed a time or two and enjoyed each other’s company while inebriated.

In the first verse of this song, the vocalist goes out his way to imply that he’s not actually advocating the partaking of alcohol. To the contrary, he presents himself as being both a religious and family-oriented man. But life tends to be such that it’s intrinsically stressful. So the way he takes the edge off is by downing “a cold one”.

And what is further revealed in the second verse is that he’s not the only one going through this situation, i.e. living a life that is defined by hard work and the associated depression. Instead, there are numerous “brothers and sisters” who are likewise burdened. And once they punch out for the day, they’re not inclined to “go home and drink alone”. Instead, they would hit up a venue like a bar with an “old jukebox” and nice ‘high-definition television’ and enjoy each other’s company while getting intoxicated.

All in all, hanging with friends and having a few drinks is basically the thesis sentiment of this track.

Lyrics to "Beer With My Friends"

Kenny and Old Dominion

Old Dominion and Kenny are both established country music acts from Tennessee. Chesney has been in the game significantly longer. He has a discography dating back to the mid-1990s. Old Dominion’s own commenced about 20 years later. 

That said, by the looks of things Kenny appears virtually infallible in his genre. This is because from 2004 to 2020 he’s dropped 12 consecutive studio LPs (as well as a couple of live ones) that have reached number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. 

Meanwhile Old Dominion has also come out with a couple of projects so far – 2017’s “Happy Endings” and 2019’s “Old Dominion” – which have topped said list.

When was “Beer With My Friends” released?

This track, which was released on 26 August 2022, is the first official collaboration between Old Dominion and Chesney. 

To note, “Beer With My Friends” came out right at the conclusion of Chesney’s Here and Now Tour, in which Old Dominion served as a supporting act.


This song is actually a cover of the original “Beer With My Friends”, a track that Shy Carter, alongside featured artists David Lee Murphy and Cole Swindell, came out with in 2021. It is also reportedly Carter, Murphy and Swindell who wrote this song. This is why neither Chesney nor Old Dominion receive writing credits.

Beer With My Friends

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