“Beverly Hills” by Weezer

In “Beverly Hills“, the narrator portrays himself as an average guy born in a lowly place and as a result may never get to experience a glamorous lifestyle. He mentions wanting to live in Beverly Hills not specifically referring to the place, but the lifestyle lived by most of this city’s inhabitants.

Since most of the famous celebrities reside in this place, he is attracted to this kind of glitzy lifestyle which seems to be extremely comfortable. Despite his strong desire to be part of this new society, he seems to be drawn back by something. And that is the fact that he was raised in a poor background and has not been exposed to any major privileges.

Particularly in the first and third verses as well as the bridge, he looks down on himself because of his background and concludes that he may just have to give up on his dreams because they are unrealistic.

Facts about “Beverly Hills”

Rivers Cuomo is this song’s only composer. The production, on the other hand, is handled by two producers. And they are R. Rubin and C. Bamford.

One can find “Beverly Hills” on Weezer’s “Make Believe” album. This album, which is the band’s official fifth studio project, featured this song as its first single.

The female vocals heard in the chorus belong to a singer named Stephanie Eitel. Stephanie is best known for being one of the vocalists of the band Agent Sparks.

“Beverly Hills” achieved much success in America. It was a top-10 hit there as well as in the United Kingdom. Canada, Austria and Ireland are countries where it also enjoyed some commercial success.

Weezer earned a Grammy nomination in 2006 with this song. “Best Rock Song” was the category in which the song was nominated. And it was nominated along with three other major hits. However, U2’s “City of Blinding Lights” beat all four to take home the award.

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