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Beyond love
The first thing that I do before I get into your house
I’m gonna tear off all the petals
From the rose that’s in your mouth

Beyond love
You wanted to find Elvis and I didn’t understand
They take the simple things inside you
And put nightmares in your hands

Beyond love
This man comes to me
Heartbreak did this
He was made to believe
That he should live without it

All I know’s what I see
No change in this
Visions born into dreams
Of a world left without it

We really wanna know
We really do agree
We really do agree
We really wanna know

The last thing that she sees before they turn off all the lights
Was there a man up in the corner with the spiders made of light

We really wanna know
Beyond love
All I know’s what I see
And I can’t live without this
Could you ever believe?
Beyond love

I really wanna know
I really wanna know

Full Lyrics

Beach House’s ‘Beyond Love’ is a hauntingly beautiful composition, wrapped in the dream-pop duo’s signature ethereal sound. The song, with its cryptic lyrics and otherworldly melody, beckons for a deeper exploration beyond its surface beauty.

As we dissect the layers of ‘Beyond Love’, we delve into themes of escapism, the complexities of human emotions, and the search for something deeper than traditional romantic love. Through their poetically charged and introspective writing, Beach House compels us to contemplate the broader significance of love itself.

Unveiling the Petals of Passion

The opening lines of ‘Beyond Love’ depict a ritualistic stripping away of layers, akin to peeling the petals from a rose. This visual could represent vulnerability and the removal of defenses that we put up around our most intimate emotions.

By correlating love to a flower held in one’s mouth, it suggests a delicate balance between beauty and pain, the duality of love’s nature, where even the most precious aspects can possess thorns.

A Haunting Search for Meaning

One of the song’s most striking images is the desire to find Elvis, a line that could symbolize seeking something beyond the reach, perhaps an idealized version of love or happiness.

The line also implies disillusionment with modern love. There is a sense of searching for a return to simplicity, untainted by the ‘nightmares’ that the world forces upon us.

Through the Lens of Heartbreak

‘Beyond Love’ taps into the heartbreak narrative not just as an end, but as a catalyst for change—the making and remaking of one’s belief in love. The lyrics depict a character who is instructed to live ‘without it,’ referring to love as something that has been forcibly removed.

The character’s journey reflects an existential quandary, where love is not just lost, but questioned at its very core—prompting a broader meditation on whether love is an essential component of our being or a construct that can be cast aside.

Visions vs. Reality: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

A highlight of ‘Beyond Love’ lies in its exploration of visions and dreams against the starkness of reality. The phrase ‘visions born into dreams of a world left without it,’ poses love as an ethereal dream that reality constantly challenges.

It also speaks to the human condition of always wanting to believe in something more profound, more brilliant than what is presented in front of us. The song eloquently expresses this inherent struggle between what we see and what we wish to see.

A Tapestry of Memorable Lines

‘The last thing that she sees before they turn off all the lights’—this eerie and memorable line evokes an image of finality, a moment caught between two worlds. The ‘man up in the corner with the spiders made of light’ could be a fleeting hope, a figment of imagination that offers respite from the darkness.

These are the moments in ‘Beyond Love’ where Beach House’s lyrical prowess shines, offering listeners not just a song but a canvas to paint their introspections on. They serve as poetic beacons that resonate with listeners long after the last note fades.

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