“Bezos I” by Bo Burnham

Of course “Bezos I” was named after Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who on any given day can be the richest man on Earth. In the contemporary world magnates such as himself, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. enjoy a very high degree of pop relevance. And this is on top of the power they generally wield from being filthy rich. In fact as the title implies, Bo Burnham is comparing Jeff Bezos to an emperor or king.

And also as implied, Burnham is mocking Bezos. He does so by encouraging him in an overly-aggressive, comedic fashion to outperform the other bigwigs in the world.

We don’t know what type of personal gripe Bo may have with Jeff. But it appears that the former has a beef with the current state of social-media, or we can go further and even say the world in general. And with Bezos not only being one of the figures at the forefront of the also but also the richest man on Earth then therefore, as a personification of the system, he would be in an artist’s like Burnham’s crosshairs.

So underneath it all, even though the lyrics consist only of taunting and no direct accusations, it is apparent the message Bo is sending across. Bo is saying something like Jeff Bezos is a bully. He sees him as an emperor, as put forth earlier, as opposed to a straight-and-narrow type of executive.

Lyrics to "Bezos I" by Bo Burnham

“Bezos I”

“Bezos I” is from a Bo Burnham album which goes by the title: “Inside (The Songs)”. Having already released three other comedy-based music albums up until this point, this current one appears poised as if it will outperform the rest. And that is largely because it is connected to a Netflix special called “Bo Burnham: Inside” (2021). The said project not only proved to be critically-acclaimed but also fascinated the masses.

At the time of this track’s issuance on 10 June 2021, Burnham is 30 years old and has been a professional comedian for half of his life.  Tracing his early days back to personal YouTube projects, in 2010, when he would have been 20 years old, “he became the youngest person to record a half-hour… special with Comedy Central”. 

And it was under Comedy Central Records upon which his three prior full-lengths were released. A couple of them, the debut Bo Burnham (2009) and the sophomore Words Words Words (2010), even appeared on the Billboard 200, with the latter breaking the top 40. But again Bo Burnham is a comedian first and foremost and as such, at least as of yet, really isn’t into dropping singles.

Meanwhile as of the writing of this post, the 57 year old Jeff Bezos is making headlines for having sold a $28,000,000 ticket on a space flight, under one of his own companies, that he too will partake of.

“Bezos I” was written and produced by Bo Burnham.

Bezos I

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