“Look Who’s Inside Again” by Bo Burnham

Perhaps by this time, we can conclude that spending too much time “inside” alone may have had an adverse effect on Bo Burnham. He took it upon himself to put together a comedy-based special while concurrently dealing directly with the first near-global lockdown in world history, with the United States being one of the countries most affected by such. 

So at the same time, he was tasked with being “funny” while simultaneously “stuck in a room”.  And based on the lyrics, we can conclude that he found said experience challenging.

Burnham also uses the experience as an analogy for being “stuck in his room” as a child. The implication is that, in terms of said past, maybe he was on punishment or something like that.  And being uncomfortable under such circumstances, he would “do any old sh*t to get out of it”. 

So we can further gather that when he talks about being confined in the present, he isn’t just doing so for the sake of doing. Instead at certain points he truly felt as if he were imprisoned, for lack of a better word, and had to do what he had to do in order to retain his sanity.

And it would also appear that it was under such pressures, if you will, that his hit show “Bo Burnham: Inside” was conceived. In fact even though we have yet to watch said program, from what we have gathered thus far this particular song may be the closest it has to a title track.   

In other words, the project would be the result of Bo once again finding himself “stuck in a room” as with the days of old, doing his best at “making faces… telling jokes [and] making little sounds”.

Lyrics for Bo Burnham's "Look Who's Inside Again"

Credits and Album

Look Who’s Inside Again was written and produced by its vocalist, Bo Burnham. It is part of an album entitled Inside (The Songs), which itself is part of a larger Netflix project called Bo Burnham: Inside.

Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham is a comedian/musician who has been professionally active for quite some time now. In fact Inside (The Songs) is his fourth full-length album with the first, simply entitled Bo Burnham, coming out back in 2009. And as of the writing of this post for all intents and purposes he can now be considered an A list comedian with the aforementioned Bo Burnham: Inside garnering a notable reaction from the general public.

Look Who's Inside Again

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