“Birthday” by Kings of Leon

“Birthday” is obviously a love song, with the first verse really buttressing the notion that the addressee is a romantic interest. What is being expressed specifically, besides the vocalist’s thorough smittenness, is not that abundantly clear. But when the singer notes his intent for the two of them to ‘celebrate like it’s’ the addressee’s birthday, he obviously refers to boozing and possibly doing other drugs in the process.

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The latter is inferred, all lyrics considered, via a line in the first verse where the addressee is depicted as having a “bloody nose”. Indeed, it has even been suggested by some analysts of this piece that said addressee may not be a person but rather a personification of “coke“. And that does make sense, as what really makes this song unorthodox when compared to others in the romance category is that the vocalist is, in the midst of admiring the addressee, expressing a relatively-dangerous sense of recklessness in terms of their relationship. 

We also know that hard drugs being personified and then put into a romantic context is a recurring motif in the music industry. Moreover, Kings of Leon are familiar with such substances.

So especially once again taking that reference to a nosebleed into consideration that would likely be the most logical conclusion, that “coke” is somehow involved in this equation, as it’s hard to imagine under what other context would we find a lover admiring such a thing on his partner.

Lyrics to Kings of Leon's "Birthday"

Release Date of “Birthday”

This song is from a project titled “Come Around Sundown”. This project is a Kings of Leon album that RCA Records put out on 15 October 2010. 


The track was written by the family members who make up the band, all of whom last names are Followill. And they are:

  • Caleb on vocals
  • Jared on bass
  • Matthew on lead guitar
  • Nathan on drums

Meanwhile, the producers of “Birthday” are Jacquire King and Angelo Petraglia.


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