“Bumblebee” by ABBA

Climate change is a hot topic these days. The pace at which the world is currently consuming certain resources is unsustainable, on top of said consumption contributing to environmental degradation.

As we have noted to in the past, these are facts that scientists have known for years. But for whatever reason it has become sort of chic as of late to tackle such issues, even for popular musicians like ABBA. And so it is with this work, as the titular “bumblebee” is meant to serve as a basic illustration of what the world may be devoid of if we continue along this course. 

In other words, an animal as ubiquitous as the bumblebee is facing extinction, particularly in certain parts of the world. And said population shrinkage has been attributed to climatic factors.

Now readers who are familiar with ABBA know that they specialize in what can sorta be described as bubblegum music. And yes, to allude to the general ecological threat of climate change, they do utilize the vocalist’s admiration for the “tiny”, “fuzzy” and “rather clumsy” bumblebee. 

But in a way, it’s as if Ulvaeus and co. couldn’t have used a better example to get their point across. For instance, as colorfully insinuated in the second verse, it just so happens that such insects are actually instrumental to the all-important pollination. And even beyond that, as also kinda implied by the singer, bumblebees are more intelligent and versatile than many of us may presume.

And conclusively, it seems that the vocalist realizes that the extinction of bumblebees is pretty much inevitable. So with herself personally benefitting, in a number of ways, from their presence, she closes out by pitying future generations, i.e. “those who’d never hear the hum of bumblebees”.

Lyrics for ABBA's "Bumblebee"

Björn Ulvaeus talks about the Song

In an interview published on Apple’s Music’s platform, Björn shed some light on the whole issue of climate change. He referred to bumblebees as “powerful symbols” that the Earth would sadly lose owing to climate change. Below are his exact words:

Björn Ulvaeus discusses "Bumblebee"

Facts about “Bumblebee” and ABBA

ABBA’s traditional songwriters, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, are credited with the production and authoring of Bumblebee””. 

“Bumblebee” is featured on ABBA’s commercially successful “Voyage” album. This is the first album the quartet has released since 1981. 

And according to Ulvaeus, ABBA actually decided to do so in response to the band being “(involved) in creating that strangest and most spectacular concert you could ever dream of”. And the said concert is iconic pioneering digitized performance. This performance is slated to take place in London in 2022.

Besides Björn and Benny, the other members of this outfit are:

  • Agnetha Fältskog
  • Frida Lyngstad

The labels that made Voyage public, on 5 November 2021, are UMG and Polar Music.


In all there are 10 songs on “Voyage”. Some of the notable ones include:

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