“Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn

On “Call Your Girlfriend”, the vocalist is addressing her lover. And the premise to this narrative would be that he has another girlfriend also, even one that predates Robyn. But he has chosen to move with Robyn instead, or it may be that she is forcing him to make such a decision.

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Either way, what the vocalist is basically instructing the addressee to do is break up with the other woman. Moreover, she is admonishing him to do so delicately, as in not breaking her heart in such a manner that she would have a hard time recuperating. 

And what doing so basically entails, from Robyn’s perspective, is the addressee not letting the other woman know just how much he cares for his new chick, the vocalist, i.e. how he considers her love to be superior. 

So yes, there’s a bit of braggadocio going on here also. But it is also pretty obvious that the vocalist is concerned for the emotional wellbeing of the woman whose man she has stolen.

Lyrics to Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend"

“Call Your Girlfriend” Facts

Artist(s): Robyn
Album/EP: “Body Talk” 

When was “Call Your Girlfriend” released?

November 22 of 2010 . The song was released as the 2nd single from the album, “Body Talk”.

Did Robyn write this song?

Robyn composed “Call Your Girlfriend” with assistance from Alexander Kronlund and Klas Åhlund.


  • Electropop
  • Synth-pop 

Grammy Nomination

At the 54th Grammy Awards, the song was nominated for “Best Dance Recording”. It, however, lost this accolade to Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. The following songs were also nominated for the award:

Chart Performance

  • US – 6
  • US – 1
  • Belgium – 8


  • Clara Mae (2018)
  • Vanessa Carlton (2018)

Robyn’s “Body Talk” Album

“Call Your Girlfriend” appears as one of the singles from Robyn’s seventh studio album, Body Talk.

Konichiwa Records released Body Talk internationally on November 22, 2010. The album’s producers include the likes of Röyksopp, Savage Skulls, Patrik Berger, Diplo, Douster, Kleerup, Max Martin, Shellback and Niggaracci.

Robyn has stated that she released the album after a better way she discovered to make organic music. In addition, when she announced the release date of the album on her website, she described it as the advanced version of the Body Talk album collection, as it includes five new songs and five songs from each of the old Body Talk Pt.1, and Body Talk Pt.2 albums.

Many renowned music critics and reviewers have high ratings for the album and have described it as arguably Robyn’s best Body Talk album. For example, AllMusic rates it as a 5 out of a 5-star album, while Evening Standard, Financial Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Slant Magazine have rated it as 4 out of a 5-star album.

Body Talk peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart and 147 on the Billboard 200 chart. It has also received a gold certification from Denmark (IFPI Danmark).

Call Your Girlfriend

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