“Call Me Little Sunshine” by Ghost

On “Call Me Little Sunshine”, the singer portrays the role of Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is generally understood as an incarnation of Satan (with the moniker “Little Sunshine” being a reference to such a being). 

And more specifically based on European folklore, Mephisto is a character who sold his soul to the devil and in the process became an agent of darkness. Likewise, all things considered, it can be said the vocalist is trying to tempt the addressee to the dark side.

Well, that is at least one credible way of interpreting the first verse leading into the chorus. The vocalist also presents himself as someone who is readily available to the addressee “in the middle of the night”. And listeners who are familiar with Luciferian doctrine get a glimpse that such may actually be what he is alluding to when, despite touting himself as some sort of a savior, the narrator also lets the addressee know that the onus is on him to save himself. 

Or said differently, it’s obvious that the lyrics have a spiritual quality. Yet at the same time what they are speaking to is a concept like humanism.

The Narrator is the Devil

Well regardless of how one may interpret the early goings, it doesn’t take long for the vocalist to reveal that he is in fact the devil. And whereas the second verse isn’t as generally understandable as the first, it is also apparent that his goal is to advertise his companionship as one in which, if accepted, the addressee will “never ever walk alone”. 

In other words, the narrator is advertising himself as a reliable friend. Furthermore, he is advertising the idea that his friendship is filled to the brim with other benefits. One such benefit is an ‘indefinite transformation’ for those who accept it, as put forth in the second verse.


The simplest way of describing this piece is as an enticement, if you will, for the listener him or herself to make a contract with the devil. Or viewed more practically, Ghost is a band that believes in and practices such a philosophy. And as with adherents of any religion, so to speak, part of their responsibility is to convince others to adopt a similar belief system.

Lyrics to Ghost's "Call Me Little Sunshine"

Cover Art

The cover art to this song was inspired by a famous photo of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Aleister was a prominent early 20th century British occultist.

Call Me Little Sunshine

When was “Call Me Little Sunshine” released?

“Call Me Little Sunshine” was released via Loma Vista Records on 20 January 2022. It is the second single from “Impera”, the 2022 Ghost LP. The first single from this project is a song titled “Hunter’s Moon“.


Fat Max Gsus wrote this song alongside A Ghoul Writer. The latter is reportedly a pseudonym for Tobias Forge, the frontman of Ghoul. And the producer of the track is Klas Åhlund.

7 Responses

  1. Gilbert O'Sullivan says:

    The song is actually about Aleister Crowley (the English occultist) with “Little Sunshine” being one of the names he “humorously” called himself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Typical example of why Ghost is so cringe… OLD TRICKS
    We get it, you think Metal and Satan go hand in hand. It’s not cool.

  3. Dusten says:

    I had assumed it was just in reference to the fact that Lucifer translates to the morning star or light bringer, and from our perspective stars are just little suns.

    • Aberran Fox says:

      And the Morning star is the smaller light before the Sunshine comes for real. Hence why it is called the Morning Star.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thelema I’m sure loves this. All “followers of Satan” know satan doesn’t exist. Y’all thinking these guys don’t have the right purpose because it’s “metal”. I don’t find this to be metal. It’s for sure not death or doom metal. Listen to morbid angel and come back. This is some real talent. And whoever they are singing to I guarantee they appreciate it. 93 93/93

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