“Can’t Put It In The Hands of Fate” by Stevie Wonder (ft. Rapsody, Cordae, Chika & Busta Rhymes)

Stevie Wonder’s “Can’t Put It In The Hands of Fate” is a social-protest song. On the surface, it centers on the Black Lives Matter movement which captivated America during the year 2020. And in that regard, of course the artists are calling for equal rights and respect for their people. And simultaneously, some of them also highlight the various challenges African-Americans have and continue to go through.

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A Deeper Meaning

But there is a deeper meaning behind the tune. Indeed Wonder is perhaps the most-humanitarian artist in American history. And accordingly, he has the insight to understand that the issues mankind faces aren’t limited by race. So overall what this song is calling for is for all concerned, specifically younger listeners to take action. In other words, they cannot leave the changes they want to see in the world “in the hands of fate”. Rather, the vocalists want to encourage them to do something in the here and now instead of waiting on probably providence to change things. And the slant which the lyrics take is towards promoting social justice.

Facts about “Can’t Put It In The Hands of Fate”

This is one of two songs Stevie Wonder dropped on 13 October 2020. The other is entitled “Where Is Our Love Song“. And industry-wise, it marks the launching of his own label/imprint called So What the Fuss Records, itself being a subsidiary of Republic Records and by extension Universal Music.

At the time of the release of this track, Stevie Wonder is not sure whether or not he will feature it on a forthcoming EP or album. But in mulling over the decision, he did reveal that his next planned full-length is entitled “Through the Eyes of Wonder”.

This is the first time that Stevie Wonder has worked with rappers/poets Rapsody, Cordae and Chika. However Busta Rhymes featured Stevie on his 2006 track “Been Through the Storm”.

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