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As is detailed in the facts section of this post, “You’re So Vain” was a massive hit. And to some extent can even still be classified as such. But adding to its legacy is that fact that listeners knew from the beginning that Carly Simon was referring to a real person(s) in the tune.

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Moreover, considering that she is a celebrity herself, the general speculation would be that this “vain” individual is likewise famous. So fans have been wondering, in fact for decades, who this person actually is. In fact in 2003, Miss Simon was able to raise a good $50,000 in the name of charity just to reveal the subject to one individual, who all but vowed to keep it a secret.  And this is despite the fact that in all honesty she had already dropped a name – actor Warren Beatty – prior. So in 2015 she did officially reveal that he was in fact the subject – of the second verse that is. Thus the rest of the song is still open to limited speculation.

First Verse

And it’s easy to see how fans knew that the subject(s) had to be a real person, as in the first verse the singer describes him in such a way that you know it is based on an actual account. She beholds this individual at a party. And without redundantly regurgitating details, let’s just say that he does indeed come off as being vain. His hubris, if you will, is centered on his belief that girls want him. And truth be told, according to the singer herself girls do in fact want him.

Second Verse

Now it can be detected that the person she is singing about in the second verse is different from the first. And why? Because in the second she is specific that this is someone who actually ‘had her several years ago’. Or stated differently, she was romantically involved with this particular individual. Moreover this was during a time when she was “still quite naïve”, i.e. young. And said individual vowed to be with her always yet eventually left her. So this would be the second “vain” person she is referring to, i.e. Warren Beatty.

Third Verse

In the third verse she shouts out someone who may not be necessarily famous but is definitely rich. And she concludes the passage by stating that he regularly sleeps with “the wife of a close friend”. So as with the first verse, this does not seem to be someone whom Carly herself was romantically involved with. But due to his unfavorable actions she was still compelled to put him on blast.


Meanwhile in the chorus, she is telling the addressee that he is ‘so vain he probably thinks this song is about him’. Some people from modern generations may be familiar with the latter part of that phrase, as Janet Jackson interpolated it into her 2001 track “Son of a Gun” (in collaboration with Carly Simon). But from a logical standpoint, in this case of the chorus Carly would not be speaking to the actual individuals this track is based on since this song is indeed about them. Rather she would be making fun of those in the audience who are in fact vain, which is part of the cleverness of this tune. 

So on one hand it can be said that the purpose of this track is to expose certain conceited dudes. But on another it is also to cause shame in all individuals whom behave in the types of manners that they are being called out for.

A Classic Feminist Anthem

Readers should also note that this song came out back in 1972. At that time women were not afforded the same privilege to speak as freely as has been manifested in later years. In fact you can say that the height of the feminist movement of the latter half of 20th century American history was actually during the early 1970s. So the way that Carly is bringing it frankly to her ex and other men has made “You’re So Vain” into what some would dub as a feminist anthem

And again, nowadays dropping a song like this, after the trail has already been blazed, would hardly raise an eyebrow. But back then even a lady openly admitting that she formerly had a lover could cause some people to gasp. Indeed even Taylor Swift, perhaps the most wide-recognized female vocalist of our time in terms of speaking openly about romance, cited this track as the main song which influenced her career.

Lyrics of "You're So Vain"


So in analyzing “You’re So Vain”, now almost half a century later the conclusion is that perhaps we who came up afterwards cannot fully appreciate why people who were around back then are still so obsessed with it. Yes, it has in fact contributed to the legend of Warren Beatty as a heartless womanizer. And there remains the possibility that some famous name associated with the tune that have not yet been revealed will eventually be dropped. 

But this track doesn’t come off as the encapsulation of the frustrations of a jilted lover. Rather when Carly approached the subject of self-centered men in such a frank and intelligent manner as a young lady herself in the early 1970s, in a way you can say she influenced the whole music industry, if not American society at large.

Who wrote “You’re So Vain”?

“You’re So Vain” was written exclusively by none other than Carly Simon. It was produced by another top musician from back in the day, Richard Perry.

Release Date

This track was originally released by Elektra Records on 8 November 1972. It was the lead single from Carly Simon’s third album, which was entitled “No Secrets”.

“You’re So Vain” features a number of Stars

The intro to this song is played by a German musician named Klaus Voorman. In fact when Carly starts off by saying “son of a gun”, it is actually in reference to him.

Moreover legendary rocker Mick Jagger provides background vocals to this tune. In fact at a time it was speculated that he was the subject of the song. However, Simon asserted that he was not.

A International Hit!

As aforementioned “You’re So Vain” was a big hit. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Moreover the track reached number one in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And generally speaking it charted in 10 nations and in all instances cracked their top 10.

Who really is “You’re So Vain” about?

As alluded to earlier, the mystery behind who this tune is actually based on has remained a hot topic throughout the years. Carly Simon had divulged this secret upon a handful of individuals, such as media personality Howard Stern, who also kept it to himself. But she did reveal to the public that the second verse – the one in which she has her heart broken – was in fact about Warren Beatty, who in his own right is an infamous womanizer. However, Beatty himself has contended that whereas some parts of this account are true, others were fictitious.

Other names that have come up in the discussion about those who influenced this song include the likes of the following:

  • Actor Kris Kristofferson
  • Musician Cat Stevens
  • Rock legend Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones fame

This is not only because these individuals are famous but also due to the fact that they actually dated Carly Simon prior. However, Simon herself has more or less contended that the character(s) featured in this song is actually a composite of “a lot of people”.

Famous Cover of “You’re So Vain”

Amongst the famous artist who have covered this song is Marilyn Manson (2012). Manson’s version featured A-list Hollywood actor Johnny Depp on guitar and drums.

Grammy Honors

Moreover “He’s So Vain” was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 1974. It was in fact inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2004.

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