“Carry It Well” by Sam Fischer

“Carry It Well” speaks to a practice most of us likely commit from time-to-time, which is making like everything is all good when you run into other people, even though internally you’re suffering in one way or another. 

But furthermore in this case, we are dealing with a vocalist who such has become his modus operandi. Furthermore, he’s quite skilled at appearing fine internally, which is what Sam means by putting forth that he ‘carries it well’. 

But of course it’s not ideal to go through life distressed, even if others can’t see it. So now what Fischer is basically longing for is someone who is perceptive enough to notice that he has issues, despite him never stating such forthrightly.

And as for the inspiration behind this piece, Sam has made it known that it is about his personal experiences, in a way. That is to say that sometimes, he does lament the fact that people are inclined to share their problems with him but never bother to ask how he’s doing. 

Also he has noticed how nowadays everybody is feeling it inside one way or another, but still, most of us tend to front like we aren’t. So obviously, he perceives such as a less-than-ideal reality that many people are going through, one that isn’t likely to rectified unless others are empathetic enough to lend a helping hand.

Lyrics for Sam Fischer's "Carry It Well"

Sam explains “Carry It Well”

Fischer has described this song as being about pretending to be fine even though things are difficult for you.

Sam Fischer talks about "Carry It Well"

Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer is a singer from Canada whose discography dates back to 2016 and who has thus far released three studio albums. In that time, he scored one solid hit in the 2019 re-release of his 2018 track “This City”. 

Release of “Carry It Well”

“Carry It Well” is a song Sam released as a standalone single on 4 November 2022.

Did Sam write this song?

Yes, he did. He co-wrote the song with Ryan Marrone. Aside co-writing “Carry It Well”, Sam also co-produced it. He achieved the production task by working with a record producer named Jorgen Odegard. Owing to this, both Sam and Jorgen share production credits for this song.

Carry It Well

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