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Ex Calling – Deciphering the Echoes of Past Relationships

With voracious honesty and a haunting melodic backdrop, 6LACK’s ‘Ex Calling’ emerges as a spectral confessional, channeling the universal perturbations of moving on. In the labyrinth of modern love, reflected through texts and late-night calls, this track from his breakout album ‘FREE 6LACK’ serves not just as a musical exorcism of former flames but as a deep dive into the psyche of an artist torn between progression and the instinctive pull of the past.

Switch – The Anthem of Escapism and Identity Exchange

In a world where scrutiny is omnipresent, and the lenses of both fame and judgment are unyielding, 6LACK’s ‘Switch’ emerges as a plea for empathy, and a scathing commentary on the relentless pressures that accompany the spotlight. The song weaves through the narrative of wanting an escapism, if only for a moment, from the ceaseless expectations and the projections of fame.

Prblms – Navigating Relationship Turbulence in the Modern World

6LACK’s raw and rhythmic expression in ‘Prblms’ is less a track and more a confessional booth set to a beat. The 2016 hit isn’t just a surface-level anthem for the romantically frustrated; it’s a deep-dive into modern love’s perplexing dynamics and the personal growth that emerges from its ashes.

Imported Remix

“Imported” by Jessie Reyez & 6LACK

“Imported” is based on the romantic tension between Canadian singer Jessie Reyez and Atlanta-based rapper 6lack. The main reason they are having a hard time hooking up is that Reyez in particular is in love with someone...