Category: Halestorm

My Redemption

“My Redemption” by Halestorm 

For the sake of simplicity, Halestorm’s “My Redemption” can be defined as an anti-religion song. Well, the vocalist does put forth that she has her “own beliefs”. But her belief system centers on a sentiment we...

The Steeple

“The Steeple” by Halestorm

A steeple is, most simply put, a part of a church. And relatedly, this is yet another song in which we are met with a musician, shall we say indoctrinating listeners in her anti-mainstream belief system. As...

Wicked Ways

“Wicked Ways” by Halestorm 

There seems to be a lot of songs of late that feature a sentiment similar to that which this piece is based on. And that is the singer embracing her “devils” or recognizing that her...