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You've Got A Friend by James Taylor

“You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor

Genuine friendship is the premise of “You’ve Got a Friend” which sheds light on how a reliable friend can help a person through life easily. In this song, Taylor offers his untainted love and...

Suite For 20G by James Taylor

“Suite For 20G” by James Taylor

Taylor and Peter Asher were promised $20,000 by Warner Bros for completing the Sweet Baby James album. Since the deadline for production was fast approaching, Taylor combined parts of the lyrics, melody and theme of three unfinished future...

Jellyman Kelly by James Taylor

“Jellyman Kelly” by James Taylor

This song, inspired by a poem written by Sally, James’ daughter at age 5 ,is about a cartoon character named Jellyman Kelly and his partner Jenny Mulhenny. As seen in the lyrics, Jellyman Kelly really...