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Gold – Unveiling the Layers of Emotional Alchemy

Kiiara’s 2015 breakout hit ‘Gold’ gleams with a unique electronic beat and a confounding set of lyrics that hinge on cryptic storytelling. The song, which vaulted onto charts and nestled into the public’s summer anthem playlists, is not just a whimsical arrangement of words but a textual mosaic etched with the artist’s experiences and a more profound commentary on communication and detachment in relationships.

Linkin Park

“Heavy” by Linkin Park (ft. Kiiara)

Linkin Park’s “Heavy” is about the artists being overwhelmed by their internal problems. Thus the title, “heavy”, is actually an adjective describing the psychological burden the vocalists feel. And one defining characteristic of said burden is...

Open My Mouth

“Open My Mouth” by Kiiara

 “Open My Mouth” is a song is based on a relationship the narrator (Kiiara) is in. And from all angles, it seems to be a tumultuous one, as in there regularly being ‘fights’ involved. So in...