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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

“TKN” by ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

“TKN” reads like a dual-themed song. On one hand Rosalía is referencing “omertà”, i.e. the life-and-death m*fia code of loyalty which we are all familiar with via mob films.  And she is doing so in reference...

“Dolerme” by Rosalía

“Dolerme” by Rosalía

This title of the song (“Dolerme”), translated into English, is “Hurt”. And basically, what Rosalía is doing throughout is beefing with her ex-boyfriend.  The way the situation reads is that after they parted ways, he...

Rosalia and A.CHAL

“Me Traicionaste” by Rosalía Ft. A.CHAL

“Me Traicionaste” is a bilingual (but mostly-Spanish) track that is featured on “For the Throne”, the soundtrack to the eighth and final season of the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. And the title of this...