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A de alta, altura, alien
B de bandida
C de coqueta
D de dinamita
E de expensiva, emperatriz, enigma, enterada
F de Flux Aeon
G de guapa
H de hondura
I de inteligencia artificial
J de jineta
M de motomami, motomami, motomami
Motomami, motomami
N de “Ni se te ocurra ni pensarlo”
O de orquídea
P de patrona
Q de qué reinona
R de racineta, racineta, rango
Racineta, rango
S de sata
T de titánica
U de ultrasonidos
V de vendetta
W de Willy Colon
De Winterfall también
X de “Te despejo la X en un momento”
Y de yenes, de yantas
Y Z de zarzamora, o de zapateao’, o de zorra también

Full Lyrics

In the world of contemporary music, artists often use the power of the alphabet not merely to construct words, but to assemble meanings, identities, and emotions within their work. ‘ABCDEFG’ by Rosalía, an avant-garde number from her groundbreaking body of music, deftly turns the elementary into the extraordinary. While it might initially seem like a simple play on the Spanish alphabet, a deeper dive reveals a bricolage of identity, defiance, and femininity.

Rosalía’s innovative approach to ‘ABCDEFG’ reminds us of the inexhaustible potential of language to serve as a canvas for cultural expression. Through a series of enigmatic and potent imagery, each corresponding to a different letter, the Spanish singer-songwriter crafts an intricate mosaic of self-portraiture, using the structure of the ABCs to delineate the contours of a richly textured persona.

Decoding Rosalía’s Alphabetic Identity in ABCDEFG

Rosalía’s ‘ABCDEFG’ employs the abecedarian strategy to unveil distinct attributes, intentions, and facets of the self. The opening line stands as a proclamation of the heights she has achieved (‘A de alta, altura, alien’), immediately establishing a sense of her otherworldly ascent. The letters form the basis for Rosalía to present herself as a multifaceted individual – from ‘E de expensiva, emperatriz, enigma, enterada’ suggesting luxury, royalty, mystery, and knowingness, to ‘M de motomami, motomami, motomami’ delivering a resounding affirmation of her own artistic persona.

This sophisticated word play doesn’t just affirm Rosalía’s identity, it resonates with the assertion of her ‘self’ in the artistic sphere and possibly critiques the restrictive labels often assigned to female artists. Through this assemblage, she dwells into a larger question about how we communicate identity, pushing against the boundaries of language and its pre-set notations.

Venturing into the ‘Ultrasonidos’ of Rosalía’s Poetic Craft

Underneath the playful surface, Rosalía’s ‘ABCDEFG’ boasts a rich complexity derived from her effortless mixing of high-brow and pop cultural references spanning a multitude of topics and senses. ‘U de ultrasonidos,’ for instance, serves as a metaphor for the sometimes imperceptible depth of her artistic voice. It mirrors the profound waves that penetrate beneath the surface, carrying her influence to the most unexpected places.

Each metaphor used by Rosalía extends beyond superficial definition, inviting keen listeners to discover layers of meaning. The juxtaposition of words like ‘guapa’ and ‘zineta’ next to conceptual ideas such as ‘hondura’ or ‘inteligencia artificial’ hints at a linguistic dichotomy between tangible and cerebral attributes, perhaps reflecting on the duality of public image versus personal identity.

The Cultural Symphony of Rosalía’s Musical Encyclopedia

Rosalía’s ‘ABCDEFG’ captures the transcultural nature of her artistic essence; she is the weaver of a tapestry that blends diverse elements from across her Spanish heritage and contemporary global culture. From the traditional ‘Z de zapateao” – a nod to the classic Spanish flamenco – to the homage to salsa with ‘W de Willy Colon’, the song unfolds as an encyclopedic repository of influences that shape her music and artistic philosophy.

Even the inclusion of ‘Motomami’ reflects on a self-referential narrative, creating a recursive loop that suggests the profoundness and centrality of this persona in her creative universe. Attentive listeners will appreciate these Easter eggs that tie in with her larger body of work, showcasing the depth and interconnectivity of her discography.

Unveiling the Song’s Hidden Meaning – More Than Just Letters

Beyond the immediate appeal of its catchy linguistic arrangement, ‘ABCDEFG’ is imbued with an undercurrent of feminist empowerment. Words such as ‘bandida’ and ‘patrona’ invoke images of the artist as a defiant figure, not confined by societal expectations or gender roles. The use of ‘sata’ and ‘zorra’ – terms typically pejorative when applied to women – reappropriates these expressions, flipping the script on traditional narratives.

The track doesn’t simply navigate through an alphabetic landscape, it also charts a course of self-recognition, acceptance, and the redefinition of words that were once used to belittle or contain women. Through ‘ABCDEFG,’ Rosalía embodies the movement of reclamation, reinforcing the idea that one should define themselves on their own terms.

The Lyrical Tapestry Woven with Memorable Lines

‘ABCDEFG’ is a lyrical ingot shaped by memorable lines that are loaded with meaning. ‘X de

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