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Notion by The Rare Occasions Lyrics Meaning – Delving Into Life’s Ephemeral Thrum

Wrapped in melodic soundscapes and introspective harmonies, ‘Notion’ by The Rare Occasions invites listeners into a thought-provoking pilgrimage through life’s existential landscape. As the tranquillity of the tune juxtaposes the depth of its inquiry, a sense of curiosity unfurls amid the lilting indie-rock backdrop.

The Rare Occasions

The Rare Occasions

In 2012 in the American city of Boston, Massachusetts, the indie rock band, The Rare Occasions was formed. At the time of its formation, the band consisted of these members: In 2018, Stone decided...


“Notion” by The Rare Occasions

Religion is a very interesting topic that can either bring people together or divide them. It has been around for centuries, with multiple beliefs and sects formed as time goes by. One of the...