“Champion of the World” by Coldplay

Coldplay’s “Champion of the World” is based on the singer’s determination to fulfill his dreams, if you will. He depicts himself as someone who regularly faces uphill battles. Yet he has a never-say-die attitude. And it can be interpreted, albeit liberally, that his ultimate goal is something along the lines of making it to Los Angeles, where he feels his destiny lies. 

In fact this track was inspired by another called “Los Angeles, Be Kind” (2014) which is based on a similar premise. So it can be said that the song is about the band’s real-life ambition to become successful musician, with “sailing west” perhaps being representative of the Britons coming over to the States and perhaps its entertainment capitol, Los Angeles. And as illustrated in the lyrics, the vocalist has a vision of what his ultimate success will look like. 

But more to the thesis is his unrelenting drive to realize this fantasy. So perhaps the most general way of interpreting “Champion of the World”, colorful metaphors aside, is as it intending to serve as a source of personal inspiration to the listener.

Lyrics of "Champion of the World"

Facts about “Champions of the World”

The writers of this track are quite numerous. First are the members of Coldplay itself, Champion, Buckland, Martin and Berryman. Then there is also H. Whyte, A. Monaghan and S. Lidell. Additionally the late rocker Scott Hutchison (1981-2018) is also given a songwriting credit. This is due to “Champion of the World”, according to Chris Martin, being based on the aforementioned “Los Angeles, Be Kind”, which Hutchinson wrote.

In fact “Champion of the World” was released as the co-third single from Coldplay’s album, “Everyday Life”, on 20 November 2019. This date would have been the same day Scott Hutchinson was to celebrate his 38th birthday.

The track was produced by R. Simpson, B. Rahko and D. Green, who actually worked together on songs throughout “Everyday Life”.

And the label behind “Champion of the World” and indeed the entire project is Parlophone Records.

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