“Cherry Blossom” by Kacey Musgraves

This is, most simply explained, a love song. And since it is entitled Cherry Blossom, the lyrics operate along a motif largely related to that particular flower. For instance, the vocalist reminisces on meeting her significant other, i.e. the two of them experiencing love at first sight, metaphorically as being ‘surrounded in petals in every shade of pink’. 

In terms of nurturing this relationship, she admonishes her lover, the addressee, not to allow her to “blow away”, i.e. remaining mindful of how Kacey feels and acting accordingly. 

The vocalist also gives a shoutout to Tokyo, a city well-known for possessing its own colorful cherry blossom season. And most importantly, the vocalist actually refers to herself as the addressee’s “cherry blossom”, i.e. his lovely and faithful partner.

So even though the album this song is derived from, Kacey Musgraves’ Star-Crossed, is most notably premised on the subject of divorce, obviously she had to get some love songs up in there also. And this would be one of those tunes, as Cherry Blossom is focused squarely on the vocalist being smitten by the addressee.

Lyrics of "cherry blossom"

Credits and Release Date of “Cherry Blossom”

The writers and producers of this song are:

  • Ian Fitchuk
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Daniel Tashian

These are the same individuals who handled those responsibilities throughout virtually all of Kacey’s “Star-Crossed” album.

Both song and album came out on 10 September 2021 via MCA Nashville and Interscope Records.

cherry blossom

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