“Married In Vegas” by The Vamps

The premise of The Vamps’ “Married In Vegas” is based on the narrator’s decision to live in a moment of excitement. And he is doing this regardless of the consequences said action(s) might reap in the future.

Here, the narrator describes how he meets a pretty girl for the first time while having a drink and hastily wants her to be with him and let her spend all his money. Considering the content in the Pre-chorus, the narrator is possibly in a faraway location trying to get over his own problems but ends up meeting this girl.

He uses the phrase ‘Married in Vegas’ to symbolize the hasty decision he’s making to be with her. As a matter of fact, he is not really concerned if they are only together for the night or for the rest of their lives. Throughout, he is in a posture where he is ready to gamble everything he has for a fleet of excitement.

Coming out in July 2020, this became the Vamps’ first material for the aforementioned year. And it can be found on their “Cherry Blossom” album (which is their fourth studio project).

This song actually preceded “Cherry Blossom” as its first single.

The entire track was produced by its co-writer LOSTBOY.

In addition to LOSTBOY, the members of the Vamps are of course also contributed to the creation (writing) of “Married in Vegas”.

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