Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” Lyrics Meaning

On “Jar of Heart”, Christina Perri is addressing a lover whom she’s no longer romantically associated with. They broke up some time ago. And the way the lyrics of “Jar of Hearts” read are as if her heart was broken in the process, and it took a while for her to recuperate. But more to the point, now he wants her back and has actively gone about re-securing her love. And what she is basically telling him is not to even bother. 

Yes, there may be a part of her that is still interested in him. But she knows his romantic shortcomings too well to even go there. Indeed, the title of this song is actually a metaphor for all the different women he has dated. So in the end, it seems that at the center of her gripe with him is she perceiving her ex as a womanizer/heartbreaker.

Facts about “Jar of Hearts”

This track was originally released on July 27th, 2010. It has been noted that initially Christina Perri put it out as an independent artist. However, it has since then been handled by Atlantic Records.

The song actually debuted on an episode of the reality TV competition “So You Think You Can Dance” dated 30 June 2010. This helped make the track popular even before it was released, and as such its issuance was expedited onto iTunes. And it was this song in particular which led to her signing a deal with Atlantic Records.

This is the lead single from Perri’s maiden EP, “The Ocean Way Sessions”, as well as her debut album, “Lovestrong”.

Christina wrote “Jar of Hearts” along with Drew Lawrence and one of the track’s co-producers, Barrett Yeretsian. And the other co-producer of the track is David Hodges.

The music video to this song was helmed by Jay Martin, who also directed the hit visual for Christian Perri’s track “A Thousand Years”.

“Jar of Hearts” proved to be a good set off to Christina’s career, peaking at number 17 on America’s prestigious Hot 100 and number 4 in Britain. And by and large, it charted in over a dozen nations and most cases breaking the top 5 of their music charts.

“Jar of Hearts” has also been certified Platinum or better in eight countries, including going quintuple-Platinum in the United States.

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