“Crush” by Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band’s “Crush” is a poetic array which delves deeply into the feelings of the narrator towards his love interest. It specifically expresses his strong desire to stay with her no matter how long it takes.

Apparently, the narrator feels comfortable and marveled at the same time when he is with his love interest. On one hand he is dancing in excitement, while on the other hand, he questions if it is a dream or reality.

In the subsequent verses, he seems to admit the fact that he has been in love with the person for a while and is now overwhelmed by the fact that his love is being reciprocated.

This song is speculated to be inspired and written for Dave’s girlfriend and later wife Ashley. Dave once explained that “Crush” is another “worship-of-women-type of song”.


The song encompasses the narrator’s passionate affection for a particular woman. It depicts his excitement and dazzled state whenever he spends time with his lover.

Facts about “Crush”

Dave Matthews is the sole composer of “Crush” whereas his longtime collaborator Steve Lillywhite is the song’s sole producer.

In 1998, this song became the official third single birthed by the band’s “Before These Crowded Streets” project. Their noted song “Don’t Drink the Water” also features on the project (as its first single).

This song entered approximately 4 Billboard charts, including the Hot 100 where it reached #75.

Interestingly, the band nearly refused releasing this track as part of their “Before These Crowded Streets” album. This was mainly because of some challenges they encountered while recording the song.

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