“The Space Between” by Dave Matthews Band

The premise of Dave Matthews Band’s “The Space Between” is based on a complex relationship between two people who are most likely incompatible yet long to be with each other.

The speaker in this case is pleading for his love interest not to give up on their affair because he still loves her deeply. He reminds her to consider their happy moments in spite of their current disagreements.

Throughout, the narrator questions the stance of their relationship primarily because he feels he is about to lose the person he loves. The lyrics capture his attempt to convince this person to join him as they fill the space between them.

In short,¬†“The Space Between”¬†discusses the plight of two people who clearly cannot be together due to their differences, yet they long to look past them and remain together.

Facts about “The Space Between”

Dave Matthews wrote “The Space Between” in collaboration with its producer Glen Ballard.

In February 2001, the band (via RCA Records) released this as one of Everyday‘s official singles. “Everyday” happens to be the fourth studio album of the musical career of the Dave Matthews Band.

Having reached a peak position of 22 in America’s Hot 100, this became the first Dave Matthews Band song to make it into the Hot 100’s top 40. It also achieved top 40 status in Britain.

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